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Tallarna named ‘Best Carbon Net Zero Analytics Company’ in the 2021 Eco Excellence Awards

Tallarna has been recognised for its unique ability to quantify and insure the risk of retrofit underperformance.

LONDON, England, NEW YORK, USA, and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – 25th January 2022 – Tallarna, a leading climate tech company for the built environment, has today announced that it has been named the ‘Best Carbon Net Zero Analytics Company’ in the 2021 Eco Excellence Awards. Hosted by BUILD, a global construction and property magazine, the award highlights Tallarna’s innovative approach to making decarbonisation retrofits executable.

Key to Tallarna’s recognition is its unique ability to translate the technical risk of retrofit underperformance into a financial metric using AI. By doing so, the company unlocks performance guarantees, optimises project ROI (Return on Investment), and provides access to efficient, off-balance sheet funding. With all these measures scoped and organised at the planning stage, customers can execute on retrofit projects in the knowledge that predicted outcomes will be realised.

The Eco Excellence judging panel evaluated Tallarna on the quality of its innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, client feedback, client dedication, and business performance. Tallarna was recognised as a notable example of how data analytics can accelerate the execution of net zero buildings by augmenting customers’ understanding of each stage of the retrofit journey.

Tallarna’s progressive project development structure offers a way forward for financial, social, and environmental sustainability in the built environment. Through an ecosystem approach, customers are empowered to design, insure, and fund retrofit projects for thousands of buildings at a time in one platform – KESTREL. Tallarna’s KESTREL leverages AI to undertake intelligent, agent-based modelling on building data to suggest projects which maximise carbon savings, financeability, and occupier comfort.

“Decarbonising buildings at speed and scale is the only way we will be able to meet the terms of the Glasgow Climate Pact and limit the worst effects of global warming,” commented Tim Meanock, CEO of Tallarna. “We are delighted to be recognised in the Eco Excellence Awards as leading the charge in making buildings zero carbon ready by joining the dots between data analytics, insurance, and efficient funding.”