Climate emergency

Climate action failure is the second most severe risk facing mankind.

Net zero by 2050


Buildings needing to be retrofitted to be zero carbon ready.


Electricity generation needing to come from solar and wind power.


Heating demand needing to be met by heat pumps.

The time is now - Tallarna

The time is now

With climate change intensifying, we need urgent action now to prevent irreversible, ecological breakdown. Building stakeholders must work together to reduce carbon emissions and meet the terms of the Paris agreement.

Be ahead of the curve

With almost a fifth of FTSE 100 companies committing to the UN’s Race to Zero initiative, it's crucial building stakeholders meet net zero targets early to maintain their competitive edge.
Be ahead of the curve

Effects of more
extreme weather


Soil underpinning buildings washed away.


Buildings and foundations destroyed.


Buildings ripped apart and needing to be rebuilt.


Structural cracks, with sloping floors and difficulty in opening doors.

Incentivising net zero with tallarna

Incentivising net zero

Tallarna accelerates the net zero revolution by making projects profitable for all stakeholders in the built environment.
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