Holistic coverage at every stage

Energy Savings Insurance

Energy Savings Insurance



Project design and engineering included in Energy Savings Insurance.

Return On Investment


Coverage encompasses Return On Investment (ROI) over time, with Retail Price Index (RPI) incorporated where required.


Supplier and contractor risk vetted at the development stage, expediting build.



Continuous monitoring required by insurance, meaning performance and operational savings are validated and maintained.

Optimise your projects

Mitigate risk

Risk mitigated at the project scoping stage and post-build.

Integrate with insurance

Insurance terms generated for Tallarna-scoped and third-party projects by Kellclair.

Reduce carbon emissions

Greater carbon reduction measures unlocked with insurance certainty.

Transfer risk

Insurance transfers risk to one of the world's largest insurers, given an “A-” rating by A.M. Best.

Application Tallarna Ipad

Recoup savings

Legal structuring of decarbonisation projects enables the recouping of energy savings from the
bill payer, with payback time tailored as needed.

Externalise unforeseen costs

Insurance pays for reactive maintenance throughout contract lifetime, increasing landlord Net Operating Income (NOI).
unforeseen costs buildings

A finance-centric approach

Tallarna makes projects insurable through active risk management.

Dynamic scoping

Projects refined at the scoping and design stages to enhance insurance terms and NOI.

Price stability

Residual grid exposure bought in bulk to reduce bill volatility and increase savings.

Baseline inflation

Insured savings refIect RPI in line with terms of Energy Savings Agreement.

A finance-centric approach
Proactive coverage

Automated monitoring spots defects rapidly without human involvement.

Quick response

Quick defect repair to prevent savings’ shortfall and reduce resident impact.

Ongoing support

Energy usage visible, with further reductions recommended.