Technology providers

Accelerate your sales cycle and reach new customers.

Financial sustainability at every stage.

New route-to-market
Onboard to our platform for inclusion in retrofit bundles.
Lower transaction costs
Offer customers efficient project identification, deployment, and execution.
Performance guarantee
A-rated insurer guarantees projects' energy savings.
Efficient funding
Customer access to low capex solutions, streamlining sales.

Validate your technology

Through Kellclair’s Energy Savings Insurance, the performance of your technology can be guaranteed – resulting in greater customer buy-in to projects.
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We speak your language

Tallarna integrates with your existing workflow tools to scope projects that utilise your technology, generating indicative risk metrics and financing terms along the way.

A finance-first approach

Enhance buy-in with external capital for further carbon reduction measures.

Tranched approach enables multi-stage projects and revenue streams.

Leverage collected data to see where further productisation can occur.