Energy efficiency

Improvement in energy intensity per square metre needed for net zero.

Heat pumps

Energy demand for heating met by heat pumps by 2050.

Energy reduction

Our average usage reduction for first decarbonisation projects.

Minimal data outlay

KESTREL needs minimal building data to perform indicative energy forecasting. As decarbonisation projects progress, portfolio specifics are added to refine our offering ahead of contracting.
Minimal data outlay Tallarna application ipad
Tallarna application ipad

Projects unique to you

KESTREL analyses thousands of decarbonisation bundles to find the best fit for your portfolio. Each bundle can be tailored at both an aggregated and granular level.

Trusted net zero approach

Building Envelope Solar panels Battery storage LED lighting Heat pumps Lighting automation Heat distribution Roof modelling Cooling systems Temperature optimisation Load balancing

Financeable from the start

KESTREL incorporates third-party funding criteria at the project scoping stage to ensure access to low capex solutions.
Tallarna application ipad

Why stochastic energy forecasting is needed.

Understands uncertainty
Accounts for the ‘human’ factor and variable technology performance.
Considers scope
Explores thousands of project options, with qualified feedback provided.
Adapts dynamically
Updates project options to capitalise on new technology.

Profiles risk
Generates investment-grade risk metrics that help guarantee savings predicted by KESTREL.
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Tallarna technology

Human-centric model

Incorporate your criteria

Specify your aims from the start for efficient project scoping.

Test project options

Explore multiple decarbonisation options to meet your changing needs.

Filter in one click

Filter projects easily for smart prioritisation.

Integrate as needed

Onboard raw data and ready-scoped projects to understand risk.