Augmenting your customers’ journey while accelerating project execution.

Multiple points of integration

Consulting and planning
Help with project prioritisation ​through indicative ROI forecasting and risk quantification.
Project development
Guarantee project performance and expedite procurement.
Market operations
Ensure availability of PVs and battery storage through economies of scale.
Access efficient funding​ for ready-to-go, third-party projects.

Asset O&M
Anticipate project repairs through rigorous, real-time monitoring​.​
A tailored approach

A tailored approach

Tallarna’s integrations are bespoke for each company. From discovering buildings’ predicted carbon savings to reducing price volatility, we can support you across the net zero journey.
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What we integrate with

We integrate with a host of different industries and technologies. This includes ESCOs, technology providers, consultants, bespoke energy models, sensor packages, energy saving products, and energy generation technologies.
Integrations Tallarna
Application Tallarna Ipad

How we integrate

Through API and SDK integrations, our AI engine can leverage the power of your existing software to produce fundable, decarbonisation business cases.
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