Multi-industry partnerships

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Partners with ABB

Tallarna and ABB have partnered to co-create an as-a-service solution that makes meaningful climate action possible in industrial environments.
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How our partner programme benefits you.

Produce real-world savings' forecasts
Agent-based approach accounts for the 'human' factor in predicting energy savings.
Empower project execution
Committed third-party capital turns project identification into successful execution.
Address the split incentive
Off-balance sheet finance and NPV uplift for landlords, while residents get day one bill savings.​
Guarantee success
Energy savings are guaranteed, with shortfalls and remediation work covered.
Accelerate your sales cycle

Accelerate your sales cycle

By combining targeted project development, performance guarantees, and efficient funding, Tallarna streamlines your sales cycle.

Deepen customer engagement

Tallarna’s indicative ROI forecasts, Energy Savings Insurance, and low capex solutions augment the scale and scope of customer projects.

Deepen customer engagement