Scope decarbonisation projects at scale while mitigating risk.

Combine technical and financial success.

Fast assessment
Indicative energy forecasting at both an aggregated and granular level.
Transparent ROI
ROI known at the design stage for intelligent project prioritisation.
Risk mitigated
Technical performance guaranteed by an A-rated insurer.

Greater project buy-in
Efficient third-party capex makes execution possible for customers.
Incremental sales revenue

Incremental sales revenue

Tallarna takes a tranched approach to achieving net zero, meaning projects can be broken down into multi-year, multi-stage operations.
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Net zero at speed and scale

Large-scale execution

Projects are carried out across hundreds of properties at a time.

ESG augmentation

Large-scale reduction in carbon emissions.

Real-time view

Visibility of energy consumption for quick defect identification.

Net zero at speed and scale Tallarna