Solar panels mounted on a house roof as part of a retrofit

Tallarna and IRT Surveys Announce a Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Building Decarbonisation

The collaboration provides social housing landlords with a turnkey solution that supports all stages of retrofit project development.

LONDON, England, NEW YORK, USA, and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – 3rd February 2022

Tallarna, an award-winning climate tech company for the built environment, has today announced a strategic partnership with IRT Surveys, a technology-led, net zero pathfinder. The collaboration offers housing associations and local authorities a turnkey planning solution for decarbonisation, energy efficiency, and energy generation retrofit projects.

By integrating their AI models, Tallarna and IRT Surveys provide customers with a single platform for identifying, designing, insuring, funding, and contracting retrofit projects on a highly scalable basis. Hosted on IRT Surveys’ DREam, the combined AI insights allow customers to enjoy a data-driven view into the technical and financial outcomes of retrofit measures. This equips them to move forward with projects confidently in a world of changing government legislation and stakeholder priorities.

It is estimated that 4.5 million social homes require retrofitting by 2050 to meet Britain’s net zero aims. Tallarna and IRT Surveys’ synergistic ecosystem works to accelerate retrofit execution by connecting all parts of the project development puzzle. The companies’ aggregated approach facilitates wide-reaching building improvements, resulting in affordable warmth and more comfortable homes in an era of energy price hikes.

Tallarna and IRT Surveys’ collaboration benefits customers in several critical areas:

1. Impartial data cleansing and analysis – IRT Surveys’ thermal imaging technology measures areas of energy loss in buildings. This data is leveraged by DREam to inform retrofit opportunities and analysed to showcase EPC improvements, project ROI, and carbon savings.

2.  Technical performance of retrofit projects guaranteed – Tallarna’s AI takes these digital retrofit proposals and quantifies their risk of underperformance. This maps to the underwriting criteria of an A-rated, Fortune 500 insurer, allowing forecasted energy savings to be guaranteed.

3. Access to efficient, off-balance sheet funding and available grants – The companies’ combined modelling generates retrofit strategies which reflect Tallarna’s large-scale, ESG financing solutions and IRT Surveys’ knowledge of applicable government and utility grants, changing energy prices, and relevant legislation.

4. Connect to a network of trusted contractors – Social housing landlords can access trusted technology partners and contractors for retrofit projects or introduce their own preferred parties – ensuring procurement is undertaken with the greatest confidence and work is performed to the highest standard.

5. Project validation through thermal imaging and continuous monitoring – Retrofits are validated through IRT Surveys’ thermal imaging, with installed measures autonomously metered and monitored post-installation by Tallarna to maintain their quality.

Stewart Little, CEO, IRT Surveys, said “The partnership offers customers a unique opportunity for end-to-end retrofit planning with a solution agnostic approach. As the climate emergency deepens and legislation on building energy efficiency increases, providing a one-stop, data-driven platform will be vital to enabling registered providers to fulfil their duties to residents.”

“We are proud to be partnering with IRT Surveys to provide local authorities and housing associations with an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that leverages data to access efficient funding and reduce fuel poverty,” commented Tim Meanock, CEO, Tallarna.