Commercial landlords

Enjoy NAV uplift while meeting legislative decarbonisation demands.

Making net zero financially sustainable.

Low scoping cost
Efficient project discovery, implementation, and procurement.
Maximised ROI
ROI known early on for smart project prioritisation.
Predictable cash flow
Operation and maintenance costs covered by third-party funds.
Green premium
Building standards incorporated in project scoping.
Guarantee perfomance Tallarna energey

Guarantee performance

Through our partnership with an A-rated insurer, Tallarna helps you guarantee forecasted ROI and energy savings.
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Accelerate net zero

Rapid assessment

Indicative project proposals in seconds with real-world energy forecasting.

Expediated procurement

Accelerate build through contractor assessment at insurance stage.

Fast repairs

Real-time monitoring for rapid defect identification and remediation.

Accelerate net zero Tallarna