Housing associations

Meet legislative demands with financially executable net zero projects that put residents first.

Affordable warmth that pays for itself.

Low capex outlay
Low capex solutions available through experienced, third-party funders.
Off-balance sheet
Legal structuring enables off-balance sheet treatment, with existing borrowing unaffected.
Repaid by savings
Capex outlay recouped through energy savings, with tenants keeping 10% of bill reductions.
NPV uplift
Projects increase buildings’ value and release cash flow, with project vehicles taking over O&M.

Social welfare at the heart

Social welfare at the heart Tallarna
Better homes

Greater temperature stability and a healthier environment.

Tackles fuel poverty

Day one energy bill reductions for residents.

Reduces bill volatility

Bulk energy purchasing and fixed priced savings reduces exposure to upward price movements.

Ongoing support

Real-time insights with advice on further energy savings.

Project prioritisation

KESTREL explores multiple decarbonisation options for your entire portfolio to optimise efficient funding and residents’ comfort.
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Incremental sales revenue

Long-term planning

With access to large-scale funding over long time periods, you can plan decarbonisation projects and net zero new builds with certainty.
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