Company overview

Tallarna is a climate tech company for the built environment.
Our unique ecosystem approach simplifies the net zero challenge
by making projects financially executable.

Making net zero profitable Tallarna

Making net zero profitable

We empower access to efficient funding, zero capex outlay, off-balance sheet treatment, NAV uplift, guaranteed energy bill savings, and energy generation revenue.
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What drives us as a company


Creating a more sustainable environment and society.


Ensuring net zero benefits everyone.


Supporting building stakeholders’ priorities.


Empowering net zero knowledge sharing.

Environmental change
for good

We join the dots between efficient funding, technological innovation, and social responsibility to create a sustainable future for all.

Environmental change for good
World-wide recognition

Lead the net zero revolution

ABB IRT NYSERDA Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator Tech Nation UK Green Building Council Green Finance Institute
Tallarna our name

What’s in a name?

Tallarna is a Swedish word meaning ‘pine trees’ or 'the pines'. Absorbing an average of 10kg of CO2 per year per tree, they act as a carbon sink, working within a larger forest ecosystem to purify the air and stabilise temperatures.

In the same way, we embrace partnerships that drive meaningful decarbonisation action and seek to reduce our own impact on the climate.

An ecosystem approach

Access the best the market has to offer with a decision-support tool that works alongside you.

Intelligent project scoping

Understand the range of project outcomes for smart prioritisation.

Performance guarantee
Performance guarantee

Insure technical performance for risk mitigation and transfer.

Efficient funding
Efficient funding

Access third-party funding for zero capex outlay and off-balance sheet treatment.